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Jaylin Hill Aka Mohawk 10 grade Essay

 Coach Galloway pulled me to the side and told me '' Jaylen don't give up you have been working your butt off, give it time your chance to shine a will come and you will rise to the top watch and see.'' At the age of 5, at crack of dawn I always had eagered fantasies of destroying older kids on a football team. On a hot summer day, a coach named Galloway gave me a chance to be a part of his team. At the time everyone was a giant compared to me therefore I didn’t play much. I then reached the point where I didn’t want play anymore. I continued to work hard and also grew a few inches. Throughout the years I slowly but surely started to get more playing time. 

During the years the more Information coach Galloway gave me the more I ameliorated. It was very exhausting for coach to teach me the aesthetics football. He never gave up and all the hard work presented itself in the game. After a year I became a leader of the team, as a team we had our ups and downs with winning. Sometimes I wanted to quit because something didn’t go my way, but coach Galloway was always there to remind me about those dark cold nights I practice. As a result of his speech I never gave up. He always told us with an earsplitting cry "give it our all and leave it on the field". I used that saying in many different situations such as not understanding something in class, not getting in the game for basketball, or losing in track and baseball. At one point each of those situations I wanted to quit. But that one banal sentence got me to keep pushing. Besides teaching me football he taught me life lessons throughout my years playing for him. Without the innocuous experiences I went through with him and my teammates I wouldn’t be who I am today.

Throughout my years playing with the Buccaneers he taught me lessons I can use at any age at any time. But the best lesson he taught me was finish what I started. In practice he always emphasized finishing the game '' The game isn't over until the clock hits 4 zeros until then you continue to fight with your brothers.'' after practice when its sun has lowered and everyone is covered in grass stains and sweat and sometimes tears. This goes along with him not letting me quit. In everything I do I always finish. He's implanted that in my head so much that whenever I want to quit my conscience wouldn't let me. There have been times when I didn’t like the situation I was in and I wanted to give up but since the early training I never gave up. He helped put me in a situation where I have better chance to succeed at anything I do. When something gets too hard for people most people will give up and quit. This put me at advantage to have a better chance to succeed. Besides teaching me the game of football he taught me life lessons. He taught me team work, trust and faith. I am so lucky to have such good coach in my life. 


Besides teaching me life lessons he also taught me the game of football. Without football my life would be different in many ways. Because of coach Galloway teaching me how to play football I am the athlete I am today. Right now, I play four sports; football, basketball, track, baseball because of playing football at a young age I am capable of competing at high levels. He taught me and my teammates to play hard and play until we can't anymore. He pushed us to our limits he knew how far each one of us could go. I remember on crisp Saturday afternoon we had a game. It was a very close game and I got under center loudly I yelled ''hut.'' I swiftly rolled to the right looking for a teammate to help win the game. I threw the ball five seconds later someone hit me like a bulldozer. The crackle of the tackle sent a chill and sharp pain to my jaw. He checked me out and made sure everything was ok and put me back out there. We end up winning that game. I was so happy I forgot the pain was there. What I'm trying to say is now it is hard for me to give up when I get hurt Unless something on my body is broken I will not be done playing. That’s all because of Galloway he pushed me to my limits. Playing for the Buccaneers I became tough and that carried on throughout middle and high school. 

Since I got an early start at sports I understand things some people don’t understand and that puts me ahead. For some people who work hard in sports they earn scholarships. Alot of those people been playing since they were young. They all had a coach that was there to push them. If I was to earn a scholarship for sports coach Galloway would be the main reason why I got it. Without him there would be no chance of me being able to earn one. He is big part of my life and my success. I haven't been on his team for four years now but I always keep in contact. I even go to his practices to help the younger kids and try to give them the opportunity that he gave me. I am very lucky to have had a caring loving coach like coach Galloway. He treated me like I was his own son. My dad is in my life but he was also a father figure in my life. I could've went to him about anything if I ever needed to. Even though We didn't always get along and that's expected. He treated everyone like they were his own not just me and that’s why a lot of the players always came back the next year.

 The whole buccaneer organization was just one big family. As an organization we didn’t always get along but we knew if something was to happen we would have each other's back. Coach Galloway had a big impact on my life but giving him all the credit would be unfair. Throughout my years playing for the buccaneers I had many coaches teach me the game. They also treated the players like they were their own kids. I swear I am so lucky to have had a wonderful group of coaches to help me reach my potential. One thing we used to say is once a buccaneer always a buccaneer and I am always going be a buccaneer.

Loving memory

Coach Rod


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